The Best European Breakfasts you need to try

One of the best parts of exploring the continent is the food, and nowadays, you can make European breakfasts at home. Each nation has its own amazing cuisine to start the day, whether it be buttery croissants from Paris, salmon rostis from Switzerland, or a traditional English fry up. Since most people can’t afford to travel, you can make some of these incredible dinners at home using the recipes on this page.

Homemade Croissants

Are you prepared to prepare the top homemade croissant recipe? This is a complete English translation of the original French Croissant recipe with measurements in cups and grammes. Every effort was worthwhile.

Swiss Rosti With Smoked Salmon

If you’re from Eastern Europe, you might recognise rosti as “draniki,” which are essentially the Swiss equivalent of what most people know as hash browns and are generally eaten for breakfast.


The batter just requires a quick measure and mix process; it then needs one hour to prove and develop its distinctive bubbliness. The tiny pancakes rise valiantly in the pan, filling your home with a mouth watering aroma of donuts and pancakes.

Ricotta Baked Eggs with Sausage & Potatoes

Ricotta baked eggs with sausage and potatoes make for a filling and satisfying breakfast that’s great for feeding a crowd. It’s a simple one-skillet recipe that comes together quickly, and it’s delectable.

Danish Pastries

Danishes made with sourdough feature buttery laminated layers, a crispy outside, and an airy, chewy texture with a hint of sourness. They have exquisite Orange Blossom Cream filling inside.

Full English Breakfast

The gut-busting version, also has baked beans, sausages, and pudding, in a healthy keto variant. ideal for individuals who exercise.

Spanish Poached Eggs

How to prepare the most amazing paprika potatoes with Spanish poached eggs. This recipe consistently lives up to its promise of being among the best ways to begin the day.

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