Easy and Unusual Craft Ideas That Adults Will Love Making

Decorative Pinboard

Use an old window frame to hang pictures, cards, and artwork to create a unique or seasonal display. Glue on a few tiny bulldog clips with a hot glue gun.

Caned Vase

Cane webbing and other woven textiles are neutral in tone, allowing vibrant blooms to stand out. Cut a piece to fit the circumference of any old vase, and then sew a line or cross pattern in a contrasting colour along the edges. Hot glue the webbing in place after wrapping it around the vase.

DIY Wallpaper

Make a unique accent wall using a sponge. Simply paint the straight edge of a kitchen sponge, then gently press it against your wall to replicate it at home.

Dip-Dyed Candles

These candles with colour-blocked wicks can create a unique glow. Take simple taper candles and coat them with melted candle wax mixed with coloured crayon shavings. For a more even dye job, use painter’s tape; alternatively, go for the unexpected and dip as you wish.

Woven Coasters

Burlap coasters give your display a layer of texture and warmth while shielding your table from spills and water stains. Simple burlap squares can be made to appear more polished by adding a colourful border or by creating a fringe accent by pulling at the thread along the borders.

Painted Wood Serving Tray

A unique serving platter is a nice approach to start a conversation with your visitors. Start by painting a wood board after purchasing paint colours that complement your home’s design (use tape to ensure straight lines). You can serve once you’ve secured your handles.

Paper Flowers

Create beautiful flowers today to enjoy them throughout the entire season. Create the petals and fringes by folding the cupcake liners that have been coloured in half. Then, twist the artificial flower stamen with a piece of floral wire that has been folded in half. Three to four paper liners should have their centres punctured by the wire. Finish it off by bringing floral tape all the way down the stem and wrapping it around the base of the liner.

Mini Pinch Pots

Everyone with a green thumb, pay attention. If you want to propagate your overgrown plants or can’t stop buying more succulents, make your own small pots. All you need is a paintbrush, several colours of oven-bake clay, and glaze.

Star Rope Mirror

A simple circle mirror may be transformed into eye-catching wall art by weaving jute thread into a complex star pattern. It will look stunning in the bedroom or over a console table.

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